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We don’t just make coffee. We make people’s experience. Buck Creek was built on the belief that coffee should be special, and we carry that belief into everything we do.

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Proprietor Karen and Manager Stacie have teamed up to open one of the most exciting coffee houses in Pelham.

Our specialty is delicious hand-crafted espresso drinks; served hot, iced, or frozen; created with the ingenuity and passion inspired by the fantastic flavors of Italian Coffee itself.

We take great pride in improving upon your favorite espresso and coffee drinks in new and creative ways.

Our Story:

Buck Creek Coffee was established in 2019 by Karen DeVito, who envisioned a meeting place for the Alabaster, Pelham, and Helena community.

Her dream was an inviting, shabby-chic living room with a couple meeting rooms attached, serving coffee from fresh-roasted beans from our near-by roaster, offering unique teas & snacks.

And that is exactly what Buck Creek Coffee is, a place to sip, nosh, work, meet, chill, and repeat.


We named it "Buck Creek Coffee" after Psalm 42:1: "As the Buck thirsts for the clear water of the running creek, so my soul desires you, my God." and also because our coffee house sits 3 blocks from where the Cahaba Valley Creek flows into the Buck Creek and where the Buck Creek enters Pelham from Alabaster and turns toward Helena and the dam at Old Town.

It is the point of confluence of the three communities that Buck Creek Coffee House serves, a meeting place of the life blood of local culture. Even in this modern age, communities are shaped by creeks and rivers, roads are defined by them, and the flow of the traffic of commerce is directed by their subtle influence. Nor did it escape us that our coffee house would be a place for people to meet and conduct business in hopes of developing "income streams" and "cash flows" and we love a good pun.

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The menu is simple, fresh ingredients; Sandwiches , Pastries, and Lite Fare to compliment our Coffees, Lattes, Frappés, and Fruit Smoothies.

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